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Visakha Air Travellers Association (VATA)

Key People

D Panduranga Rao

Office Bearers
ASN Prasad, Khasim Mehdi, Kumar Raja


Memorandum to Chief Minister seeking his intervention in the development of Airport

The Visakhapatnam Air Travellers Association (VATA) has sought the intervention of Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy in overcoming the hurdles of the development of the Visakhapatnam Airport. The representatives of VATA submitted a memorandum on December 17, 2012 to the Chief Minister mentioning few issues hindering the development of the airport. Issues including 24/7 operations of the Airport, doubling of security check counters and setting up of a dedicated cargo complex etc. were mentioned. The Chief Minister was in Visakhapatnam on a three-day 'Indiramma Baata' tour.

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