Hotels in Visakhapatnam

Being the favored tourism destination in South India, Visakhapatnam has won good name for its Hotels and Hospitality. The city boasts of its finest Star Hotels that serve you with South Indian Dishes and the best dishes you always want to eat. Hotel rooms that are modern, elegant, comfortable and economical are available in Luxury or in Business-class. Most Hotels have an on-line reservation system so you can book your hotel reservations at their website. Some even take room reservations over telephone. If you are first time visitor to the city, it is recommended you book your hotel in advance when reserving your travel tickets. The attached cab service will help you reach the hotel once you get down your bus, train or flight. Cab Services are also available for city tour.

There are many Economical Hotels & Lodges for Higher and Middle class people who occasional visit the city for a site-seeing trip or on business purpose.

As of 2016, Vizag City has 12 star hotels, 25 non-star hotels, 500 restaurants and over 4,000 roadside eateries.