Rama Krishna Beach

RK Beach

A visit to Visakhapatnam is surely incomplete without a visit to the Beach. The Rama Krishna Beach, or RK Beach as it is commonly called is the closest beach park you can reach from the heart of the city. Of course, the beach is one of the best tourist spot in Vizag.

Spreading through the edge of the sea, the R.K.Beach is a great picnic spot to spend time with your loved ones. Singles of course always get mersmerized in the dreams sitting at the beach shores. People from round the world come here to enjoy the cool breeze. Young Children spend their Sunday and Holiday evenings here playing with sand.

A visit to the beach will surely free your mind of tensions and bring in new energy. Sipping a soft drink or biting corn, you can walk on the beach sands or just lie down and de-stress your mind experiencing the cool breeze, looking at the waves and the ships that appear to be moving as slow as a snail.

Attractions at the Beach

The city administration has taken additional care to make the beach a more entertaining place to be in. RK Beach is jointly developed by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) and the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA). The VUDA Park, the [Darshini] (Acquarium), the Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, Swimming Pool, Yoga Village all will temp you spend more time here.

Pictures : The Sea at the Dawn
Pictures : Sunset at the Beach

Other activities

Visakha Utsav, the annual festival of the district always gives a greater importance to the RK Beach. Andhra University conducts special research projects at the beach to save the Sea Tortoises during their breeding seasons.

The Temple of Vaisakeswara

History says that the RK Beach has a lot to do for the city to get its name. Many believe that there is a temple of Vaisakeswara, the presiding deity, in the beach just outside the present East Coast Battery. The temple is believed to have been built between the 11th and 12th Century by the Chola Kings. The temple even had a mandapam built by Sabjarayya Chetty, a shipping merchant.

Of course, the temple is no longer there but grand fathers who stayed in the city often say that their great grand fathers few generations ago often used to visit the temple as a pilgrimage!

Reaching the beach

You can catch up a bus run by the APSRTC to reach the beach. You can also ring for a Tourist Cab or a pre-paid cab so you can start from the place you stay.

The RK Beach Map


Beach Erosion at the Rama Krishna Beach is caused by strong wave and tidal currents that are eating into the sand dunes in the beach area.

In 2015, nourishment work at the Rama Krishna Beach has fixed the damage caused by the erosion in the last couple of years. Sand that is lost to erosion is replaced from sources outside the beach. The Visakhapatnam Port Trust had taken up sand trap dredging and shore pumping as part of the 'beach nourishment' work at an estimate cost of Rs. 13 crore in December 2015. They collaborated with the Dredging Corporation of India as a temporary measure to curb erosion. The Dredgers pumped 2.5 lakh cubic metres of sand to the shore to successfully restore the beach area.

However, permanent measures are to be taken to protect the beach against erosion. The Government had appointed two nodal agencies to come up with suggestions. While the Chennai-based NAtinal Institute of Technology has suggested constructing an underwater artificial reef with tetrapod blocks, the Deltares Institute of the Netherlands has suggested beach nourishment works.